Espresso caffeine- free
Tea with lemon
0,20 l Milk
0,20 l Cocoa
0,20 l  Orange juice
0,20 l  Mineral water
Coffee cream

Side dishes

20 g Portion of butter
20 g Portion of jam
20 g Portion of honey
20 g Mustard
50 g Horseradish
30 g Ketchup
50 g Tartar sauce

 Cold sausages and cheese selection

30 g Ham steamed
30 g Schwarzwald ham
30 g Dry salami ( due to offer)
30 g Eidam cheese
30 g Niva a Hermelín cheese
30 g Smoked cheese


50 g Fresh tomatoes
30 g Fresh paprika
50 g Fresh cucumbers


50 g Due to offer

Warm dishes

1 ks   boiled egg
1 ks   baked egg
140 g baked egg with ham
130 g baked egg with bacon
130 g baked egg with sausage
100 g Egg omelette
120 g Egg omelette with ham
120 g Egg omelette with mushrooms
120 g Egg omelette with onion and bacon
100 g Scrambled eggs on butter
110 g Scrambled eggs on onion
120 g Scrambled eggs with mushrooms
120 g Scrambled eggs with onion and bacon
150 g Sausages due to offer
150 g Baked saugage with onion

Sweet breakfast

280 g Home- made pancakes with hot fruit
and maple leaves syrup
410 g Semolina pudding with sugar and butter,
served with fruit, or chocolate, or cinnamon

410 g Oatmeal with honey, served with fruit, or chocolade

Fitness menu

50 g Musli
50 g Corn flakes
120 g Yoghurt


150 g Fruit salad

Breakfast menu                                                        3,90 € / person

The price includes: choice of warm and cold drinks, side dish, choice of cold sausages and cheese,  fruit or vegetables, bread and warm dish, or fitness menu.