In case, you like to explore new places, we have prepared some good tips for your travelling around. The surrounding of Humenné, as well as the town, offers various alternatives for cultural and sport activities.

Historical sightseeing in the town

Humenné Palace with its gardens and park

The past site of the landlords- Drughets(who owned the town and its surrounding and close castles) and later Andrassys (with a constant exposition of Palace´s history, exposition of natural history and other exhibitions).

Gothic church

The most eastern located gothic building in Europe- national culture heritage. The part of the church´s decorations are the stained glass  windows of the academic painter Mikuláš Klimčák, a Humenné man. In this church are also placed the remnants of St. Bonifác.


Open air folk museum

The exposition is situated only 200 m from the Humenné Palace. It represents the folk wooden architecture of the East-Carpatian region.


Burgher´s houses in the town center


Historical sights in the town´s vicinity

Castle ruins
Brekov, Jasenov, Čičva a Vinné


Eneolytic barrows

Approximately 3 km away from Humenné, on the mountain ridge Rakovec- Hrabovec- Brekov, 26 eneolitic barrows were discovered. It is a gruop of barrows from the end of the eneolitic period (2-3000 yearc BC) and the beggining of the bronze age.


Wooden churches
Uličské, Krivé, Topoľa, Jalová, Ruský Potok, Kalná Roztoka, Hrabová Roztoka

The wooden churches are the Slovak curiosity, their interior and exterior was built only from wood materials. Their most numerous presence is here in the East Slovakia


Krásny Brod monastery

The ruins of monastery and church of the basilian monastic order from the 16th century. Only the chepel was preserved. It is surrounded by a park with beautiful and old chestnuts and linden trees. It was a monastic cemetry in the past.

Hiking, nature

Snina´s Rock (1005 m above the sea level)

Was created by volcanic activity.


Died- out volcano- the highest peak of Vihorlat mountains (1076 m above the sea level).


Sea’s eye
The biggest volcanic lake in Slovakia, national preserved reservation.


Ponds in Brestove a Volovej

Cykloturistické trasy

C1 Humenné, Hažín n/C., Lackovce, Humenné (undemanding trail – 7 km)
C2 Humenné, Podskalka, Ptičie, Kamienka, Kamenica n/C., Humenné (trail with undemanding elevation difference – 19 km)
C3 Humenné, Chlmec, hrad Jasenov, Jasenov, Humenné (trail with semi- demanding elevation difference to the castle– 13 km)
C4 Humenné, Myslina, Gruzovce, Volovské rybníky, Brestov, Humenné (more demanding trail with few elevation differences – 15 km)
C5 Humenné, Hažín n/C., Kamenica n/C., Dlhé n./C. – Trist, Humenné (more demanding trail, relatively long, but not many elevations– 36 km)
C6 Humenné, hrad – Brekov, Brekov, Humenné (trail with more demanding walk up to the castle– 15 Km)
C7 Humenné, Porúbka, Vinianský hrad, Vinné jazero, Humenné (demanding trail with more elevation differences – 40 km)
C8 Humenné, Porúbka, jazero Vinné, Zemplínska šírava, Jovsa, Remetské Hámre, Morské oko, Humenné (very demanding trail for proficient bikers– 70 km)


Humenne’s sport zone

Tenis area

Socces stadium, small football field

Winter stadium

Mini- court with artificial grass

Recreational zone of the river Laborec

Outdoor and indoor Lido, 2 swimming pools


Other turistic curiosities

The good soldier Švejk journey

The journey of the novel main character good soldier Švejk starts from the main railway to the Polish town Sanok.

Andy Warhol museum
Constant exhibition of the world known pop- art artist, whose parents came from this town.