At the entrance to sauna,you can set the hourglass. Let the slippers in front of the sauna. In the sauna, please use the blanket sheet you were given for this purpose.


Breathe through your nose. Do not breathe deeply. Initially breathe shallow, and later, deepen your breath. Do not move and do not talk unnecessarily to leave the body to relax. Narrow your eyes or keep them closed.


The interval in sauna should be short but intense. Your stay in sauna should not take more than 15 minutes. Someone is happy to be lying down, someone prefers to sit. While lying down, the heat feels comfortable, because the whole body is the same temperature and the differences of the surface temperature are quickly equalised. The upper parts of sauna are warmer. Rely on your sense. The children´s stay in sauna should be reduced to about 5 minutes.


Do not get up rapidly. If you want to get up, start to move the limbs first, if you lie, sit up and massage your body while you stand up. The last two minutes, you should be sitting to accustome your blood circulation to a vertical position, so that the blood doesn´t surge into the legs.


After a perfect overheating followsthe cooling.It is necessary to rinse the sweat first. The cooling pool will highlight the sauna overheating. Those with high blood pressure should avoid the immersion into the pool with cold water. It is important to cool down the nape of the head. Repeated use of cold water enhances your blood vessels and increases the body’s resistance. The hardly fellowlike doing the squats in the pool, someone only cools rather quickly and rushes out. After cooling down in the pool take a shower.


Before the next entryinto the sauna relax a while. You can use the resting room. Listen to relaxing music and immerse yourself in a sense of release.


We reccomend to repeat this cycle 3 times. During the sauna therapy the very  important thing is the fluid replacement. The most suitables are pure water, mineral water and juice.